Principal Protection Event Security
Event and Exhibition Security

What we do best, What we do that is different

Integrated CP Team

  • Protecting players after a high profile event i.e. Dunhill 2010 Colin Montgomerie after Ryder Cup.
  • Movement of tournament winner quickly to meet Media timetables Working with Scott Crockett EG All tournaments.
  • Handle autograph areas when high profile players are present i.e. RICOH and Dunhill Links.

Part of Organiser's Team

Willing, able and regularly help:

  • Organising and installing barriers, installing sponsor covers and banners, retrieving abandoned and flat battery buggies and assisting with clear up after event.
  • Perennial problems solved. i.e. Preventing flags from being stolen; Shop lifters arrested; Tickets touts caught.
  • Working Efficient We analyse and review organisers security deployment plans to ensure balance and offer advice based on our experience and knowledge of the industry. i.e. Re-deployment of correct personal based on assessment of roles in accordance with the SIA.

First Aid backup

  • Build up team trained first aiders.
  • First Person on scene before and after medical cover leave site.
  • Medical jump kit with own de-fibrilator and trained personnel to use it.

Emergency Procedures

  • Normally one of a few security companies to attend such meetings

Health and Safety

  • Provide Risk Assessment to client and build into team brief a method statement for handling identified prospective risks associated with an event.

Fire Marshal training

  • The majority of our core team are Fire Marshal trained and obtain refresher training on an annual basis.

Local Recruitment

  • PPL  always use a core team with a minimum of 30% local resources wherever possible Eg Wales, Scotland, North West England, South of England. We do not use sub-contractor companies.


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