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Event and Exhibition Security

What we do

Principal Events have many years experience of providing Security and Stewarding Services, including Ticket Sales and Car Park management for exhibitions, shows, concerts, sporting events, product launches, private parties, and large scale International Exhibitions.

Principal Events staffs are not just people in yellow jackets we work together with our clients to provide a holistic approach to our security service. We provide our own Events Package which can include 24hour emergency on the scene First Aid Medical cover.

Principal Events will liaise with all associated parties involved in the event including meeting with the licensing agencies and emergency services, emergency planning and if required undertake special training requirements. As always we are aware that the first contact your customers or members of the public have with your event or organisation is with a member of the Security team.

To this end Principal Events have a clear understanding that our Security Team must be smart, articulate and fully briefed to handle any incidents or situations that may arise. Principal Events is actively aware that we will be acting as ambassadors for your event, venue or company.

Principal Event project manage our events. We can support your event by providing one member of staff through to the provision of 100-200 members of staff for large scale events or occasions.

The Benefits of Events Security

As an organiser of an event you will have noticed how little the amount of work differs from large scale events to smaller events. Regardless the size of the event your workload remains the same. The temptation may be during these hectic times is to cut corners. Experience has taught us to try and help alleviate some of the issues you will be facing. Hopefully we will help you to decide not to cut corners but to include Principal Event as soon as possible in the planning stages. See What we do best, What we do that is different



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