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Company Background – Principal Protection Limited (PPL) are an experienced events and Close Protection Security company. The senior management are all close protection trained and vastly experienced in their respective fields. We have found that a cross section of skills works extremely well within the events world. We are able to manage all aspects of threat likely to be encountered during events and respond efficiently and quickly to minimise the danger. We enjoy working with likeminded professionals together we provide a united, professional service, dedicated to ensuring our client’s expectations are always met.


Peace of Mind - You can rest assured that any security problem will be tackled efficiently and professionally by Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed and qualified officers. This also includes qualified medical technicians complete with medical equipment to deal with life threatening emergencies.


Management – As a professional event company we will ensure adequate supervision and management is available throughout the event. This will include emergency 24 hour contact. A ‘control’ room will be set up to deal with lost children, property and any other emergency which may occur. A 24 hour back up vehicle is always on hand to add support and depth to the team.


Total Safety – We will help ensure life-threatening situations are avoided or minimised through a detailed Risk Assessment and Security Plan. The risk assessment is drawn up in co-operation with the client and finalised in accordance with the needs of the client, the event and HSE requirements.


A Professional ‘Customer Focused’ Presence - We will provide your event with the desired atmosphere of being totally in control and organised and as such will encourage people to return the following year by making them all feel welcomed. We will also be sure to put off any potential troublemakers. It is surprising how crowds respond to the atmosphere which is created and how individuals would prefer to blend in with that crowd rather than causing trouble.


Absolute Organisation - Your event can be properly marshalled and we may also suggest other methods of security and safety protection. This will result in a more organised, smoother running event, with a minimal amount of disruption. In simplistic terms - an event organiser's dream.



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